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Consulate Update

CG's Blog Post Goes to Print: "American Dream" on Largest Newspaper in the Russian Far East

On March 24, Tikhookeanskaya Zvezda (TOZ), regional newspaper from Khabarovsk, reprinted the essay on "American dream" that Vladivostok Consul General Sylvia Curran posted on her personal blog, "View from the Russian Far East," on March 20. ( The paper published the Consul General's "American dream" alongside "Russian dreams" of several leaders of the Russian Far East. The publication highlighted and dispelled a widespread stereotype about American Dream. Several Russian leaders wrote that the Russian dream was very similar to the American dream in that it is "to have a good house, a job and a car." However, Consul General Curran's post published on the same page never mentioned any of these values.  Instead, CG Curran stressed that "American Dream is the concept that no matter who you are or where you come from or where you start in life, you can accomplish your life's dream... It all depends on you." This message was delivered to over 40,000 TOZ readers (the paper boasts the largest circulation in the Russian Far East) and to thousands of TOZ website visitors.