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The Stevenson Sputnik Ranch to host an Open House (June 14, 2012)

Press release


June 14, 2012

The Stevenson Sputnik Ranch to host an Open House

The Stevenson Sputnik Ranch will be hosting an official Open House on Saturday, June 23.  The ranch, located near Voronezh, is a partnership between Montana rancher Darrell Stevenson and Russians Sergey Goncharov and Aleksandr Buzuleyev, and is designed to open Russian markets to Montana cattle.  An initial 1,434 Angus and Herefords were shipped to the ranch from Montana in 2010; another 2,000 were shipped to Voronezh in 2011; and new orders are pending for 4,500 breeding stock in 2012.

A Montana delegation will be in attendance to celebrate the ranch’s success.  Ron de Yong, Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture, will be leading the delegation to Moscow and Voronezh, which will consist of 14 people including Darrell Stevenson.  The delegation will also meet with new producers to develop trade leads for future activities.  The Montana Department of Agriculture received a grant from the United States Livestock Genetic Export (USLGE) to help fund the trade mission.

If you would like to attend the Open House, please contact the U.S. Embassy Press Office by e-mail at or by telephone at (495)728-5131.